Lauriston Avery

Der amerikanische Künstler Lauriston Avery widmet sich in seinem New Yorker Atelier dem Prozess der Manipulation von Materialien wie Erde, Kleber, Federn, Spiegel und Haar und verwandelt diese in ein provokantes Oeuvre. Er transformiert die Materialen mit eigens entworfenen Werkzeugen. Das Ergebnis ist ab dem 5. April 2019 in der Ausstellung „Deaf Bats Blind Shepherds“ in der Düsseldorfer wildpalms Galerie zu sehen.

Lauriston Avery

There are no wunderkinds in the art world, despite everything what it may look like, it actually takes years of concentrated focus and effort in the studio. Lauriston Avery has dedicated an extensive amount of time working in his New York studio, mastering the process of manipulating vernacular materials, such as soil, glue, feathers, mirrors, hair, and turn these into a provocative body of work.


A naked man hangs from the ceiling. His long-limbed, life-sized body is the rst thing coming into view, as the heavy studio door opens. The room with high ceilings and the cathedral-like windows is located in a former factory building of the “Duewag” on the edge of the Lierenfeld industrial estate. There is a strong smell of wood in the air. The male nude’s eyes are closed. He is slim, slender and made of limewood. This is the wood from which most of the sculptures of the Düsseldorfer artist Paloma Varga Weisz are made.


‘please excuse my many spelling mistakes in the interview, the keyboard of my laptop is broken and i can’t use capital letters nor question or exclamation marks, haha…sorry’, writes Alice Eikelpoth when sending her questionnaire back.