Uns gibt es jetzt auch analog: Wir freuen uns riesig, dass die erste Ausgabe von THE DORF • THE MAG seit gestern, Freitag, den 16. Juni 2017, bei den Touristen-Informationsstellen der Stadt, sowie in ausgewählten Düsseldorfer Stores, Hotels & Cafés erhältlich ist – und das übrigens kostenlos! Also, husch husch! Hier erfahrt Ihr, wo genau Ihr das Magazin herbekommt!


Am 16. Juni 2017 erscheint erstmalig das neue Magazin THE DORF • THE MAG. Das Magazin ist die erste Printpublikation des Düsseldorfer Online-Magazines THE DORF, das seit 2014 auf Düsseldorfer Menschen und Orte vorstellt. Das Magazin ist ab dem 16. Juni kostenlos bei den Touristen-Informationsstellen der Stadt sowie ausgewählten Szene-Shops, Gastronomien und Hotels erhältlich.


In December of 2016, the writer Christine Weissenborn together with her sister-in-law, the illustrator Sarah Neuendorf, published the delightful children’s book ‚Greta’s sister‘. Exclusively for THE DORF THE MAG the two of them have placed Greta, the whale and Anuk, the island girl in Düsseldorf and tell the story of why Greta is swimming in the Rhine. And what carnival has to do with the South Sea.

Gil Bronner

“My own unpunctuality is my rebellion against my father’s punctuality”, says Gil Bronner when he walks through the door of his Philara Collection only slightly late. The former glass factory Lennartz that the property developer bought and rebuilt extensively over the course of two years lies in a shabby backyard off Birkenstraße.


For our photographer Sabrina Weniger, tiny Wallstraße
in the heart of the old town perfectly reflects the native and true Düsseldorf: a bit rough and eccentric, a bit chic and elegant, a bit old and dirty and most of all: with its heart in the right place. Even though it’s located directly in the city centre, it is easily overlooked.

Carsten Mosebach

Carsten, 34, loves dogs, flowers and ink. With a face like his, we’re sure to get some calls for his number after this issue is out. But this handsome guy’s heart belongs to his boyfriend and Düsseldorf — here he shares his tips for enjoying the latter.

Tobias Saul

I love writing and everything that has to do with it: letters, words, shapes.“ This is how Tobias Saul describes himself. The 26 year old lettering artist Tobias Saul has turned his passion into his job. More than 65.000 subscribers follow his account on Instagram where the young artist frequently presents his works.

Gabriele Orsech

Gabriele Orsech is not one to hold her breath. Fashion is a hands-on profession and that’s exactly what students learn at her Design Department Academy. Here, she reveals her favourite places in Düsseldorf and what fashion means to her.