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Holger Kurt Jäger

Ob Woody Allen, Papst Benedikt XVI oder Muammar al-Gaddafi – der Düsseldorfer Künstler Holger Kurt Jäger behandelt alle gleich: Seine Serie von Waschlappen mit den Porträts von Diktatoren und Prominenten, sorgte in 2011 auf der Art Cologne Messe für große Aufmerksamkeit. Seine jüngsten Arbeiten zeigen stilvolle junge Menschen in hellen Farben und surrealen Settings. Erwähnten wir, dass Holgers Atelier in einer ehemaligen Autowerkstatt ist und er manchmal Menschen tätowiert?

Carsten Mosebach

Carsten, 34, loves dogs, flowers and ink. With a face like his, we’re sure to get some calls for his number after this issue is out. But this handsome guy’s heart belongs to his boyfriend and Düsseldorf — here he shares his tips for enjoying the latter.

Gabriele Orsech

Gabriele Orsech is not one to hold her breath. Fashion is a hands-on profession and that’s exactly what students learn at her Design Department Academy. Here, she reveals her favourite places in Düsseldorf and what fashion means to her.

Thomas Sanders from Teleman

The melody was written, but the lyrics were still missing. London-based indie-band Teleman was touring Germany, when the lights of the city that were passing by in front of the tour bus windows inspired singer and songwriter Thomas Sanders to write the song “Düsseldorf ”.

Holger Kurt Jäger

Woody Allen, Pope Benedict XVI and Muammar al-Gaddafi – they all get the same treatment by artist Holger Kurt Jäger: His series of washcloths with the portraits of dictators and celebrities who made questionable life choices caused a stir during 2011’s Art Cologne Fair.

Manuel Iljitsch

To do him justice in just a few sentences is difficult. Manuel Iljitsch does a lot of things and he does them well: He makes funny videos, lends others his voice or face for money, more often he writes texts for advertising or for fun.