„bitte entschuldige meine vielen rechtschreibfehler in den interviews, meine tastatur von meinem laptop ist kaputt und ich kann weder gross-klein schreiben geschweige denn ein fragezeichen oder ausrufezeichen machen , haha…sorry“, schrieb Alice Eikelpoth bei der Rücksendung ihres Fragebogens.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY VASELINE!  An einem grauverhangenen 24. Oktober 1998 eröffnete ein kleiner Second Hand Shop in der Düsseldorfer Wallstraße. Provokant. Bunt. Fröhlich. Anders. Hier gab es unter anrüchigem Namen alte Playboyhefte, selbstgebastelte Lampen, geblümte Regenmäntel – und einen charismatischen Besitzer namens Rolf Buck. Heute ist aus der ehemaligen Lieblingsadresse für Vintagemode und -möbel ein wahres Kreativimperium geworden: Store, Styling, Setbau – nichts ist vor Rolfs schillerndem Tatendrang sicher. Gemeinsam mit Schwester Linda und Partner Raffael und seiner Style with a Smile GmbH setzt der VASELINE-Boss mit den norwegischen Wurzeln jede noch so kreative Idee um. Angefangen aber hat alles 1998 auf 38 winzigen Quadratmetern in einer kleinen Passage – und das wird jetzt einen Monat lang gefeiert!


What will be the sound of Düsseldorf in 2020? Meike Glass and Thorsten Schaar present six bands of which we hope to hear much more in the future. Brian Storm of Studio Rabotti, an illustration collective from Flingern, has illustrated the local musicians exclusively for us.

A day with Elvir Omerbegovic

He runs ‘Selfmade Records’, the most successful German hip hop label of the last ten years where rappers like Genetikk, Casper or the 257ers are or were under contract.  With his new label ‘Division’, he is responsible for RIN who represents a new generation of German hip hop artists. He is also the ‘President of Rap’ at Universal Music Germany, his fashion label ‘Pusher Apparel’ is selling like hotcakes and he has a private collection of sneakers and sweatpants. What drives somebody like Elvir Omerbegovic? THE DORF met the 37 year old at his office in Düsseldorf.

Kaspar van de Water

Kaspar van de Water is the brain behind Callshop Radio, a radio station, that is on air since April 2017. Together with Fernando Diaz, he founded the radio station following the example of independent online stations like NTS Radio and Red Light Radio from London and Amsterdam respectively.


A naked man hangs from the ceiling. His long-limbed, life-sized body is the rst thing coming into view, as the heavy studio door opens. The room with high ceilings and the cathedral-like windows is located in a former factory building of the “Duewag” on the edge of the Lierenfeld industrial estate. There is a strong smell of wood in the air. The male nude’s eyes are closed. He is slim, slender and made of limewood. This is the wood from which most of the sculptures of the Düsseldorfer artist Paloma Varga Weisz are made.


‘please excuse my many spelling mistakes in the interview, the keyboard of my laptop is broken and i can’t use capital letters nor question or exclamation marks, haha…sorry’, writes Alice Eikelpoth when sending her questionnaire back.


Get into the car at the weekend, leave Düsseldorf ’s city limits behind and drive to the neighbouring region of the RUHR AREA to enjoy a bit of cultural diversity. ‘Ab in den Pott’ as the locals would say. It is a region that made history due to its heavy industrial manufacturing past. Even though the collieries were closed long ago, the Ruhrgebiet remains acutely alive due to its extremely high population density.