Brian Storm

Wim Wenders, Pharrel, Liam Gallagher and Frank Ocean, they all have received the royal treatment: an illustration by Brian Storm. It hasn’t done them any harm, on the contrary. Such illustrated and illustrious personalities only become more iconic in his works. The Düsseldorfer artist illustrates for magazines, fashion labels, ad agencies, festivals, record labels and the theatre. The repertoire of the illustrator and art director also includes logo design and typography. Like Stephan Lomp, he works from Studio Rabotti.

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How would you describe the aesthetics of  your illustrations? Ideally full of contrasts. At first delicate, careful and quiet, but in the next moment completely full on, brash and loud.

Where do you find inspiration? First and foremost I am inspired by music – preferably an eclectic mix. Punk, Hip Hop, Electronics, Country, Soul – there is always so much to discover that is inspiring and energizing.

Which one of your recent jobs did you enjoy the most? It’s difficult to decide since I particularly value the variety my job offers. A recent highlight was definitely the collaboration with my friends from the Morphoria Design Collective. In order to welcome professional footballer Takashi Usami at Fortuna Düsseldorf, I was asked to design an illustrated poster.

Which artists or illustrators have influenced your style? Probably others can judge better what influences are eventually becoming part of my work.  Besides numerous musicians, I am a huge fan of Anselm Kiefer, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Gian Galang.

Was it ever an option for you to leave Düsseldorf? Why did you stay? Sometimes I wish for some peace and quiet. A suburb of Düsseldorf would be fine because I enjoy living here very much. I appreciate what Düsseldorf offers in every respect – but in particular the creative scene and its cultural offerings… Last but not least, I can hardly imagine leaving my colleagues and our joint Studio Rabotti any time soon.

With whom, dead or alive, would you go for an Altbier in Düsseldorf? Unfortunately I am too young to have been able to share a few Altbier with the punk scene of the Ratinger Hof.

What would you talk about? Ideally we would listen to far too noisy music while drinking beer.

If you could eat Düsseldorf what would it taste like? Caviar with ‚Sauerbraten‘ (braised beef, marinated in vinegar).

Text: Barbara Russ
Photography: Lukas Piel

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