Carsten Mosebach

Name: Carsten Mosebach
Age: 34
Place of birth: Duisburg
Job: Florist

Professional Education: Design Technology, Florist

Carsten, 34, loves dogs, flowers and ink. With a face like his, we’re sure to get some calls for his number after this issue is out. But this handsome guy’s heart belongs to his boyfriend and Düsseldorf — here he shares his tips for enjoying the latter.
 P. S. He says he regrets none of his tattoos, but wouldn’t do the Gucci again. We think: he was just ahead of the curve – the brand is now one of the hottest in the fashion universe again.

How would you describe your aesthetics? Classicism and romanticism.

Ink is a big part of your style, on your skin as well as when writing. What does ink mean to you? Ink gives me the opportunity to express my thoughts, fee- lings and inner worlds whether in writing or visually. Sometimes it also just helps with the next shopping list.

Was it ever an option for you to leave Düsseldorf? Why did you stay? 17 years of Düsseldorf — this city has become like my mother. She wakes me in the morning, feeds me lunch and in the evenings, there is always a drink. Or two.

You work at Bloombox, what are you favourite flowers and why? Marigold and horned violet, the favourite flowers of my father and grandmother. Family inheritance so to speak. It goes without saying that I have both of them as a tattoo, right?!

What is beauty? My boyfriend‘s laugh.

With whom, whether dead or alive would you like to have an Altbier in Düsseldorf? Albus Dumbledore.

What would you talk about? About Altbier tasting better than butter beer and me having cooler tattoos than Sirius Black.

Where would we meet you for a Sunday brunch or a long breakfast? At the Beethoven for classic scrambled eggs.

Where do you go for a delicious, healthy and fresh lunch in Düsseldorf? At the Carlsplatz — an unlimited culinary offer.

Three places in Düsseldorf that you have to show your visitors: The rose garden at the “Spee’scher Graben”, the opera and my balcony: on the sixth floor with a great view over the “Zoopark”.

A restaurant where you always wanted you go but haven‘t been yet: The Phoenix at the Dreischeibenhaus.

Dance the night away! The dancing happens at … Sinus. Amazing electro party series. Pleasantly dirty!

Thank you!

Text & Interview: Barbara Russ
Photography: Melanie Zanin
© THE DORF 2017

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