Holger Kurt Jäger

Name: Holger Kurt Jäger
Place of birth: Düsseldorf
Job: Artist
Professional Education: Interior designer

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Woody Allen, Pope Benedict XVI and Muammar al-Gaddafi – they all get the same treatment by artist Holger Kurt Jäger: His series of washcloths with the portraits of dictators and celebrities who made questionable life choices caused a stir during 2011’s Art Cologne Fair. His more recent work includes stylish young people in bright colors and surreal settings. Did we mention his atelier is set in a former garage and he tattoos people sometimes?

When and why did you come to Düsseldorf? And why did you stay? I was born in Derendorf (a borough of Düsseldorf) and have established a very good working environment here after university. I can find the peace and inspiration that I need for my work.

What is art’s purpose according to your opinion? To ask questions.

What do art and cars have in common? Transport and my Volvo 240 Kombi.

Which art work would you like to have created? Tattooing pigs.

Does art have to be political, should it be? Why? Only beauty is without fascination. As enduring as keeping your trap shut.

And which artist would you like to meet in Düsseldorf for an Altbier? Action Bronson.

What would you talk about? Rheinischer Sauerbraten (marinated beef dish from the Rhineland)

At the opening of the „The Fun Archive“ exhibition of Thomas Mailaender at the NRW Forum, you tattooed „Fun“ on various body parts. What was your biggest moment of fun in the last five years? Death threats from the right-wing scene- mainly because I drew Zwickau’s terror trio Mundlos-Bönhard-Zschäpe on washcloths.

Where would we meet you for a Sunday brunch or a long breakfast… …at the Breidenbacher Hof.

Your favourite route for a walk, a stroll, clearing your head: At night, the runway of the airport is completely empty and magical.

Your favourite bar and bartender are: Moni at Scheuren 12.

Your top 3 shopping addresses in Düsseldorf? Cash und Raus/Breuninger/NinaSagt Galerie

Is there a designer or artist from Düsseldorf whom you particularly value and if so, why? Hans Peter Feldmann- he really is without restriction but not without secrets.

What is currently on your playlist / record player? Yung Hurn

Thank you!

Text & Interview: Barbara Russ
Photography: Sabrina Weniger
© THE DORF 2017

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