We proudly present: THE MAP! All the places in town we love and hangout at one blow with the help of our friends from Google. Highlights, insider tips and little treasures, in summary: products, culture, restaurants, style, places, projects, people and experiences, straight out of THE DORF. By friends for friends; the selection of recommendations is handpicked and by no means exhaustive. Our editorial team only presents what it likes and has tried and tested personally.

Düsseldorf has been one of the mainsprings of European art in the past decades. And the Kunstakademie acts as its tireless engine, continuously attracting internationally renown professors and producing graduates who quickly become stars of the art scene in their own right. It’s no wonder the city not only boasts world-class museums but also quite a few galleries and not-to-be-missed art events.

Thinking of Düsseldorf, associations of finicky and high-priced restaurants used to come to mind, but this, too, has changed. Alongside the city’s award-winning restaurants — which are becoming more and more experimental — an alternative foodie-scene is on the rise. And even super-hyped Berlin can’t challenge Düsseldorf when it comes to Japanese cuisine.

Königsallee has long been the place of longing for German fashion lovers. Nowadays monobrand stores have taken over stretches of the sycamore-lined boulevard. But don’t fret: A new wave of concept stores and carefully selected design-shops has blossomed in other parts of the city – you just have to know where to find these hidden treasures. Whether you’re looking for vintage furniture, nostalgic stationery or Scandinavian interior decoration — these addresses cover all your basic and not-so-basic needs.

Quite a bit has happened in the field of coffee culture during the last years. Even in Düsseldorf. Besides the traditional classy cafés such as Heinemann, lots of fresh coffee concepts flood the city. Coffee is handiwork and it’s worth investing ten minutes more than one quick button press. Young roasteries with exactly this credo are conquering the city. We are presenting you our favourites cafés from hipster to oldschool for a nice sip and a delicious piece of cake or finest pastry. Enjoy!

Bars were, for a long time, the weak spot of the city. Luckily, the gap has been filled by quite a few newcomers that make up for the long wait. It’s now even possible to have a sophisticated drink in the old town, as long as you manage to avoid the watering holes swarmed by bachelor parties and football fans. We’ve done some of the cherry picking for you.

Düsseldorf may not have the international reputation for being a party town, but don’t be fooled. An eveningabout town might start slowly with a few Altbiers at one of the local breweries. But it will pick up speed during the night and take you to several clubs, all within walking distance of each other, ultimately culminating at the Salon des Amateurs. Have your cake and eat it, too.

Home is where your heart is … You don’t need to leave your heart in Düsseldorf, but there are some places which make you feel at home, when you are far away from home. It’s always good to know the right places where you can enjoy your downtime and relax after exciting tours of the city. Our favourite places to stay.

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