Murat Avcioglu

Murat Avcioglu is an integral part of Düsseldorf’s restaurant scene. After various stop overs in the kitchens of the Weinhaus Tante Anna, Behrens am Kai, Brasserie Stadthaus and the restaurant ‘Victorian’, he has now established his own eatery. Laid back, casual and with an Asian touch. Located behind the Bilker church. Murat has two further great passions aside from cooking: sports and his little daughter Noa. Take a guess what his new restaurant is called.

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What is special about the food at Noa Foodbar? I offer my guests a contemporary cuisine. For me, this means no difference between starters and main courses but rather medium sized dishes that are in combination well suited to sharing. Contemporary also means that the food is easily accessible but never boring. Variety is important to me: that’s why guests can discover a few new, creative dishes on our menu every week.

You have been around the block in Düsseldorf‘s  gastro scene, why was it time for this concept now? I had been thinking about what I am missing in the local gastro scene for a while already: a combination of good food, laid back bar atmosphere and cool music. With the Noa Foodbar I have created this place myself.

Where do you find inspiration for new dishes? While shopping.

What would be your last meal? Rice with kimchi

What would you drink with it? Beer

With whom, dead or alive, would you like to go for an Altbier in Düsseldorf? Bud Spencer

What would you talk about? I would ask if he really ate an omelette made from 20 eggs.

Where do you like to spend a relaxed evening with friends or family? Seifenhorst

Which restaurant represents the typical flavour of Düsseldorf ? Naniwa

Are there places or certain spots in the city that inspire you in your work? Asian supermarkets in the Japanese quarter

Which book is currently on your bedside table? The musketeers (children‘s book of my daughter)

Text: Barbara Russ
Fotos: Sabrina Weniger
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