When we started the online magazine THE DORF more than two years ago, a print product was on our wish list from the outset. Even though THE DORF was launched digitally, we love the smell, feel and look of paper hot off the press. What could be nicer than to leaf through the latest magazine on the weekend while enjoying a nice cup of coffee or to browse in a magazine store. Therefore we are particularly happy that, as part of the #urbanana project, THE DORF can finally realize this long-held dream. The magazine is planned asanannual publication. Current news and stories are still published as usual on thedorf.de.

THE DORF · THE MAG like the online magazine, presents the people of Düsseldorf who are as diverse as the city itself. Naturally we are hoping to make people from other cities a bit curious, too — and to get rid off some of the most common clichés. We see the magazine as a snapshot of contemporary, local culture. We deliberately avoid committing to anyone style because we love strong contrasts. A bit brash, a bit posh: we believe the fun is in the mix. Everything else would be boring.

Our editorial team only presents what it likes and has tried and tested personally. By friends for friends; the selection of recommendations is handpicked and by no means exhaustive. Highlights, insider tips and little treasures, in summary: products, culture, restaurants, style, places, projects, people and experiences, straight out of THE DORF. (We apologise but unfortunately we could not include everything and everybody.)

THE DORF • THE MAG is part of the #urbanana project by Tourismus NRW 

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