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Name: Selena
Education: Fotografin
Place of birth: Düsseldorf

Social: Facebook | Instagram

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A dimly lit staircase at the (music venue) Zakk, music in the background and we meet Selena on the stairs. It’s been in the works for a while. Now it’s finally happening, in the context of the Fem_Pop Festival, and she smiles at us happily. She just played a concert with her band „Sanescere“ and now has time to talk to us. About music, family and her vision for Düsseldorf.

How was it? It was great, despite some technical problems it was a lot of fun. And I liked the people and the atmosphere. It’s an honour to play for such a cool thing like Fem_Pop. I am thrilled about it all, it was a lot of fun.

A lot of people got to know you here for the first time today. For those who weren’t there: who are you? We are Sanescere and we make music, also professionally – and we enjoy it very much. We hope to go very far with it. I grew up here with my parents. And they are also my band members, by the way – we are a band and a family.

How did this happen – a spontaneous decision at the breakfast table or was it long planned beforehand? The seeds were sown very early. I always made a lot of music with my dad, that was the first thing I wanted: To play guitar, sing and just make music with my dad. It developed over time and then we said: „That’s enough, now we’re going to have our own project and that’s going to be huge“. Then our first album was made in 2016 and now we’re already working on the second one.

Let’s have a listen. How does your music sound, how would you describe your sound? Mostly independent, with a bit of electro influences – or as today, with a lot of electro influences actually. The nice thing about us is that we never sound the same, we can play one show like the one today and another one with lots of rock elements. We are free. At the moment, we are on the „psychedelic-electro track“, but also include pop influences and everything else we like.

Many musicians often call their parents‘ record box their inspiration. You make music with your parents. How is that then? I am strongly influenced by David Bowie and Freddie Mercury and all that fun stuff. The Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Beatles have always been my music. I discover a lot of new things and of course my dad gets to know that stuff and he usually likes it. We get along extremely well musically.

Do you currently have a collective favourite band? Uhhh difficult. As I said, we hear a lot of Bowie and Queen. But also the new stuff from Depeche Mode, because it’s much more electronic. Personally, I think Half Moon Run is great.

You just mentioned it: You are working in music together. How does it work? Extremely well. We work together every day, we practiced a lot for the gig today, for example. At the same time, we have a free concept – that means we play every show differently. Nevertheless, we are working together every day, of course, and the two of them make music professionally as well, in order to earn enough money with it. We can’t live entirely from what we make with Sanescere at the moment, but I hope that will soon be the case. I also photograph professionally. But the main focus is on making our band a big success. This is our joint dream.

And how well do you get on? As a band and family? Well! My parents are not only my parents, but also my best friends. We also divide the work well: for example, I do all the social media stuff, the production of the songs is up to my dad. With all the technology and the computers and the hocus-pocus behind it, I don’t know much about that. I write my lyrics and my melodies and am very happy with that. Everything goes well hand in hand.

Nevertheless, there are certainly always some tricky moments… Yes, but that’s not down to something specific. It’s usually related to when one of the three of us is cranky because he or she has a bad day. Fortunately, we are musically on one level – of course each of us has a slightly different angle, but it works very well together. We don’t really argue about music.

What’s the next step? We will release our next album at the end of this year, it will be much more electronic. We are still trying things out and are always ready for a surprise, but: it will be good in any case. I am very happy.

We are definitely curious! Let’s talk briefly about Düsseldorf. You’ve been here since your childhood, so you seem to like it. What do you like most about the city? The versatility. I have everything here. When I want to see rich people, I go for a walk on the Kö. If I want to have culture, I can do that at any time. I love the museums. There is a good music scene, however, there is room for improvement- but that’s actually all. I am very happy to be here. I really appreciate the Marktplatz and the Rösterei Vier. That’s where I drink my coffee and that’s one of my favourite places in Düsseldorf.

Is there anything where you say: the city still needs that? On the musical side: more support for newcomers. More live music. More street music, not just the usual suspects. They are always the same. I also play on the street sometimes, unfortunately not often enough. I would really like that: even more music in the streets and in general – music should be more widespread in Düsseldorf.


Good morning – where in town do you drink your espresso in the morning to wake up? At the Rösterei 4

For Sunday brunch and an extensive breakfast you meet… at Sulis or at the Flurklinik.


For a delicious, healthy and fresh lunch in Düsseldorf you go… to the market (Carlsplatz)


Your favourite route for a walk, stroll or to clear your head? Grafenberger Wald

Three places in Düsseldorf that you absolutely must show your visitors: Wallstraße, Kiefernstraße, Sulis


Where do you prefer to spend a cosy evening with friends or family? At home with a record and good food

Which restaurant represents the typical taste of Düsseldorf the most for you? The Flurklinik

A restaurant where you’ve always wanted to go, but never been: Actually the OKINI

Your absolute favourite spot and insider tip, which you would like to share with everyone here? La Dü

Your favourite Altbier: I don’t drink alcohol.


Your favourite bar or your favourite bartender: Bar Cherie

Where did you spend a very special, memorable night in Düsseldorf? Stone in the Ratingerhof

Dance the night away! Dancing happens here: Stone 😀


What do you miss about the city when you’re not in Düsseldorf? The food and the coffee

If you could eat Düsseldorf, it would taste like… Pizza with garlic/hot, at night in the old town

What do you love most about Düsseldorf? The variety

What do you hate most about Düsseldorf? Hustle and bustle

Are there places in the city that inspire you in your job? Hitsville and nature 😉


Where do you look for & find furniture for your flat? Wholesale market

Your top 3 shopping addresses in Düsseldorf? Second-hand shop on Wallstraße and flea markets

Is there a Düsseldorf designer or artist whom you especially appreciate and if so, why? Yes, Sebastian Ax. He’s an extraordinary artist and always grabs me anew with his art.

The best place to watch people? Market R4

What styling rules do you follow? What works and what doesn’t at all? I mostly own black clothes, so everything goes with anything! The main thing is that I feel good.

Describe the typical Düsseldorf style in three words: extroverted, provocative, diverse.


What’s your favourite food? Pizza

Where or what is the best place to relax? In front of the fireplace with my dog

Your favourite destination is? Canada

What book is currently on the bedside table? Ich und die Menschen

What was the last movie you saw at the cinema? ‚Der Junge muss an die frische Luft‘

Your all-time favourite movie? Harold and Maude

What’s currently on your playlist/record player? Black Star by David Bowie

Your all-time favourite song? 21 Gun Salute by Half Moon Run

Thank you very much!

Text & Interview: Meike Glass
Translation: Angela Holtkamp

Photos: Kristina Fendesack
© THE DORF 2019

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