Covent Garden

>> Hier schreibt Alex – sie ist ab sofort neu im THE DORF Team, kommt aus Sydney, Australien und wird unregelmäßig-regelmäßig ihre Lieblings-Food-Spots, Bars & Cafés in Düsseldorf vorstellen. Und das, zur großen Überraschung, in ihrer Muttersprache Englisch! Viel Spaß.

As the name suggests, the café’s concept has been influenced from London, in the hip and charming neighborhood of Covent Garden. With the force of two sisters and their professional background in hospitality and interior design, they’ve been able to collaborate together and bring a café concept to Düsseldorf like no other. With only opening their doors in March last year, this establishment is fairly new on the block.

Although petite and as much as a brick in the wall from the exterior, once you step inside you get this inviting feeling of comfort and tranquility. With the warehouse-meets-bookstore interior, Covent Garden has a whole lot of detail and flair with grey polished concrete flooring, a raw open-brick wall and miss-matched furniture items.

With decadent cakes and food items on display coupled with the aroma of coffee, you pleasantly want to sit down and ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’. The seating options bring a cozy vibe to the café, where one can sit on the high table overlooking the always-busy Bilker Allee, or submerge themselves on the bench on the wall where countless books are in reach. One can also opt to sit outside where the sun shines blissfully in the afternoon or even grab a coffee and snack to go.

Nina and Dimi can pour some incredible cups of coffee. With the presence of latte art and the use of Perfecto’s smooth and robust coffee beans, they truly know how to win the hearts of their customers. Keeping it simple and satisfying, they have a small selection of drink and food options on offer that will not disappoint. From soy chai lattes to frappes, one will feel the urge to accompany their beverage with one of their tasty food items. Where Panini’s are made fresh with the choice of your own fillings and various homemade cakes are literally at arm’s reach.

Nina and Dimi are friendly and kindhearted which truly adds that extra warmth to the place. If you want a delicious coffee and to feel as though you’re in your own living room, Covent Garden is your answer.

What do your friends appreciate? Regular guests are saying: „best cappuccino in town“, “a home away from home“, „you take your time for each guest“, „the familiar atmosphere“, „best music“, nobody likes the big chains, you have your fingers on the pulse“, „very unique“.

We are saying: We are no professionals in that business (Dimi is a graduate engineer, Nina is interior designer). But we do it with lots of love and this is how the people like it. We are knowing all of our regular guests by first name – because we are really interested in it! Come by and have a nice chat – or just enjoy your coffee on your own while ready a book. It’s your choice. Our customer is not only king, but a friend!

What do your enemies say about you? We don’t have any.

What brings the future? Who knows… even more friends!

Your favorite neighbors? Casita Mexicana!

Fotos: Sabrina Weniger
Alex Greentree
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Covent Garden

Bilker Allee 126
40217 Düsseldorf

Tel: +49 211 938 958 33

Webseite • Facebook

Opening hours

Mon.-Fri: 8:00h – 18:00h
Sat: 9:00h – 17:00h


Only cash!

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