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RECORD STORES Hitsville vrs. Beat Retreat

We love Record Stores. We meet a veteran and a newcomer for a chat: Hitsville on Wallstraße is a true institution in Düsseldorf; Beat Retreat is the latest new kid on the block in Flingern on Ackerstraße. Both have one thing in common: their winning personalities.

Lauriston Avery

There are no wunderkinds in the art world, despite everything what it may look like, it actually takes years of concentrated focus and effort in the studio. Lauriston Avery has dedicated an extensive amount of time working in his New York studio, mastering the process of manipulating vernacular materials, such as soil, glue, feathers, mirrors, hair, and turn these into a provocative body of work.

Philipp Westerbarkei

A cold wind whistles as the minibus arrives at the grounds of the rehearsal stage of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein in Duisburg. Voices, laughter and lively hustle and bustle can be heard. One of them catches your eye immediately because of his physical presence: Philipp Westerbarkei. We meet him this Saturday in Duisburg to talk about his current production, „Roméo et Juliette“ by Charles Gounod.

Selena | Sanescere

A dimly lit staircase at the (music venue) Zakk, music in the background and we meet Selena on the stairs. It’s been in the works for a while. Now it’s finally happening, in the context of the Fem_Pop Festival, and she smiles at us happily. She just played a concert with her band „Sanescere“ and now has time to talk to us. About music, family and her vision for Düsseldorf.

Tom Blankenberg

Music and silence are mutually exclusive. Generally speaking. However, the musician and sound designer Tom Blankenberg convinces you of the opposite. His sound threads weave silence into music. Now his first album has been released – „Atermus“. We visited Tom Blankenberg in his studio in a Flingern backyard.


What will be the sound of Düsseldorf in 2020? Meike Glass and Thorsten Schaar present six bands of which we hope to hear much more in the future. Brian Storm of Studio Rabotti, an illustration collective from Flingern, has illustrated the local musicians exclusively for us.

Miaki Komuro

Miaki Komuro studied fashion design at home in Tokyo at the prestigious Bunka Fashion College. She has been living in Düsseldorf since 2014 and founded her fashion brand in 2016.


Suzusan is the name of the label of Hiroyuki Murase, called Hiro, who breathes new life into the Japanese craft of shibori. The company is based in a backyard studio in Flingern-Süd, opposite the Weltkunstzimmer, and sells its collection far beyond Düsseldorf. The fabric produced with this special technique has already been worn on Dior’s catwalk as well as byinternational stars like Natalie Portman. THE DORF visited him in his studio to find out more about his label, shibori and his future plans.

A DAY WITH: La Cucina di Casa

We meet Monica Riboni and Valeria D’Amico on a Wednesday morning in Düsseldorf-Düsseltal at Monica’s apartment. The two Italian ladies moved from Milan to Düsseldorf with about 30 other families when their husbands’ company was relocated there.

Kölner Straße – Around the world in two hours

Oberbilk’s heart beats along the Kölner Straße. Starting at Pempelforter Straße, crossing Worringer Platz, past Oberbilker Markt and all the way to Oberbilker Allee — there it is: a road, 2.6 km long, the centre of this vibrant area, which constantly supplies Düsseldorf with new ideas, open minded people and – last but not least – a rich array of products.