Düsseldorf may not have the international reputation for being a party town, but don’t be fooled. An evening about town might start slowly with a few Altbiers at one of the local breweries. But it will pick up speed during the night and take you to several clubs, all within walking distance of each other, ultimately culminating at the Salon des Amateurs. Have your cake and eat it, too.

Lucas Croon

Lucas Croon arbeitet als DJ, Producer, Komponist – und ist vielen ein Begriff als Bandmitglied von Stabil Elite oder BAR. Als Resident-DJ im Salon des Amateurs und nach zehn Jahren im Business gehört er zu den Düsseldorfer Künstlern, die auch international erfolgreich sind und die Leidenschaft zum Beruf gemacht haben. Schon lange bevor der ganzen Welt in einem drastischen Ausmaß bewusst wurde, wie wichtig Flexibilität ist, hat Lucas genau diese Fähigkeit bewiesen, indem er sich mal eben ein x-tes Standbein als Komponist aufbaute.

Masta Ace

Not just hip-hop and streetwear make a perfect match. Also the lines of this legendary rapper of the “Golden Era”, the Brooklyn of the 90s, sound as casual as they are ingenious. On the occasion of the launch of the new AFEW streetwear collection, Masta Ace performed his best songs, together with composer Miki Kekenj and the takeover! Ensemble in a unique classical version on January 23, 2020 in the Tonhalle Düsseldorf.

RECORD STORES Hitsville vrs. Beat Retreat

We love Record Stores. We meet a veteran and a newcomer for a chat: Hitsville on Wallstraße is a true institution in Düsseldorf; Beat Retreat is the latest new kid on the block in Flingern on Ackerstraße. Both have one thing in common: their winning personalities.

Selena | Sanescere

A dimly lit staircase at the (music venue) Zakk, music in the background and we meet Selena on the stairs. It’s been in the works for a while. Now it’s finally happening, in the context of the Fem_Pop Festival, and she smiles at us happily. She just played a concert with her band „Sanescere“ and now has time to talk to us. About music, family and her vision for Düsseldorf.

Tom Blankenberg

Music and silence are mutually exclusive. Generally speaking. However, the musician and sound designer Tom Blankenberg convinces you of the opposite. His sound threads weave silence into music. Now his first album has been released – „Atermus“. We visited Tom Blankenberg in his studio in a Flingern backyard.


What will be the sound of Düsseldorf in 2020? Meike Glass and Thorsten Schaar present six bands of which we hope to hear much more in the future. Brian Storm of Studio Rabotti, an illustration collective from Flingern, has illustrated the local musicians exclusively for us.

LATE NIGHT DIVES AKA Düsseldorf Spelunken

These places have stories to tell. Often frowned upon but still dearly loved. Things get a bit more excessive and wilder here than in other pubs. The ceilings and lighting are low and if only their walls could talk…

A day with Elvir Omerbegovic

He runs ‘Selfmade Records’, the most successful German hip hop label of the last ten years where rappers like Genetikk, Casper or the 257ers are or were under contract.  With his new label ‘Division’, he is responsible for RIN who represents a new generation of German hip hop artists. He is also the ‘President of Rap’ at Universal Music Germany, his fashion label ‘Pusher Apparel’ is selling like hotcakes and he has a private collection of sneakers and sweatpants. What drives somebody like Elvir Omerbegovic? THE DORF met the 37 year old at his office in Düsseldorf.

Kaspar van de Water

Kaspar van de Water is the brain behind Callshop Radio, a radio station, that is on air since April 2017. Together with Fernando Diaz, he founded the radio station following the example of independent online stations like NTS Radio and Red Light Radio from London and Amsterdam respectively.


When Laura Catania came to Düsseldorf to study, she didn’t
plan on staying. Meanwhile it’s been nine years and she no longer has any intention of leaving. Why? Not only because her designs are in high demand…