Inspiration is a fickle thing. It always comes when least expected. This
is also the case with Düsseldorf’s inspirational locations and their secrets — some of them require serious treasure hunting, all of them demand a keen eye. Whether you’re looking for vintage furniture, nostalgic stationery or Scandinavian interior decoration — the city covers all your basic and not-so-basic needs.

Maxi Hoffmann | hap ceramics

Wenn kunsthandwerkliches Geschick, die Liebe für Design und der natürliche Zufall aufeinandertreffen, entstehen gewiss originelle Unikate daraus – so wie jedes einzelne Produkt von hap ceramics, dessen Name bereits verrät, dass mit Maxis Leidenschaft mehrere glückliche Zufälle einhergehen. Das Talent für Keramiken lag ihr möglicherweise schon in den Genen, denn ihre Mutter führte als gelernte Töpferin eine Töpferei, damals noch in der DDR. Seit sieben Jahren ist Düsseldorf die Heimat der gebürtigen Chemnitzerin, die vor allem durch die hiesige Kreativszene erst so richtig in der Stadt angekommen ist.

Kölner Straße – Around the world in two hours

Oberbilk’s heart beats along the Kölner Straße. Starting at Pempelforter Straße, crossing Worringer Platz, past Oberbilker Markt and all the way to Oberbilker Allee — there it is: a road, 2.6 km long, the centre of this vibrant area, which constantly supplies Düsseldorf with new ideas, open minded people and – last but not least – a rich array of products.

Stephan Lomp

Stephan Lomp is an illustrator and graphic recorder. What is a ‘graphic recorder’, some might ask. Imagine life as a comic book.


For our photographer Sabrina Weniger, tiny Wallstraße
in the heart of the old town perfectly reflects the native and true Düsseldorf: a bit rough and eccentric, a bit chic and elegant, a bit old and dirty and most of all: with its heart in the right place. Even though it’s located directly in the city centre, it is easily overlooked.

Carsten Mosebach

Carsten, 34, loves dogs, flowers and ink. With a face like his, we’re sure to get some calls for his number after this issue is out. But this handsome guy’s heart belongs to his boyfriend and Düsseldorf — here he shares his tips for enjoying the latter.

Tobias Saul

I love writing and everything that has to do with it: letters, words, shapes.“ This is how Tobias Saul describes himself. The 26 year old lettering artist Tobias Saul has turned his passion into his job. More than 65.000 subscribers follow his account on Instagram where the young artist frequently presents his works.