Kaspar van de Water

Name: Kaspar van de Water
Age: 25

Professional Education: Media Business
Website: www.callshopradio.com
Social: Instagram | Facebook | Soundcloud

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Kaspar van de Water is the brain behind Callshop Radio, a radio station, that is on air since April 2017. Together with Fernando Diaz, he founded the radio station following the example of independent online stations like NTS Radio and Red Light Radio from London and Amsterdam respectively. A key aspect for the founders was to achieve the greatest possible freedom in creating the shows. They develop the programmes themselves but also invite others to collaborate. For a while it was difficult to find a suitable studio. But at long last, the musician, who also plays saxophone and works as a DJ, found one in the backyard of the ROOOOOM, an interdisciplinary community of galleries, studios, offices and workshops, nearby Worringer Platz.

What is the difference of Callshop Radio from other radio stations? In comparison to other regular, commercially operated radio stations, the Callshop Radio is certainly distinguished by the diversity of the programme. There are no playlists that are endlessly on repeat. By daily changing guests, we rather try to support and play a wide range of music. If you compare Callshop Radio to other online radios, I’d prefer pointing out the similarities. Whether it’s Dublab, Radio 80000, LYL or Red Light Radio, they all care greatly about music and the bringing together of music lovers who think along the same lines. I am excited by their motivation to work together and by the comparatively little importance of competition.

What does a typical day at Callshop Radio look like? The day gets usually off to a late start. Shows are Tuesday to Friday from 9 pm. The radio has found its home in the backyard of the ROOOOOM. That means, aside from DJs who record a show, you meet freelanced artists, graphic designers, tattoo artists and writers. Quite often we discuss the next joint projects during a radio show. However, there is a lot to do for the Callshop besides the evening shows. Shows need to be edited and uploaded, the programme for the coming months needs to be planned and curated, events prepared, the website updated etc etc etc.

Which artists have influenced your taste in music the most? There isn’t only one taste in music. I started to engage with music intensively 10 years ago when I joined the band Mighty Mammut Movement as a saxophonist. Back then the focus was on hip hop and reggae. Jay Dilla, Ini Kamoze and the whole melting pot music from Cologne was and still is exciting. As part of Markant, I came across electronic music. I quickly discovered that there isn’t just one direction in music. I remember a set by Orpheu the Wizard and Tako in the Salon des Amateurs that inspired me to investigate current music as well as the music of the past 40 years. Düsseldorfer labels like Aiwo of TFGC also shape my music taste. Overall there are very many influences!

Where do you find new music? I listen to many radio shows on the internet, LYL Radio, NTS, nowadays there is a large offer available. Obviously, I also still check out the classic sites like Discogs. When I am out and about in other cities, I really like to go to record stores. It is a lovely way to discover a city.

Was it ever option for you to leave Düsseldorf? Why did you stay? There were always reasons not to leave town. First the band, then Markant, now Callshop Radio and last but not least my studies. However, I am not ruling out looking for adventures elsewhere at some point. The planning for a Callshop station in Paris is currently in its early stages.

Text: Barbara Russ
Sabrina Weniger
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