A naked man hangs from the ceiling. His long-limbed, life-sized body is the rst thing coming into view, as the heavy studio door opens. The room with high ceilings and the cathedral-like windows is located in a former factory building of the “Duewag” on the edge of the Lierenfeld industrial estate. There is a strong smell of wood in the air. The male nude’s eyes are closed. He is slim, slender and made of limewood. This is the wood from which most of the sculptures of the Düsseldorfer artist Paloma Varga Weisz are made.


‘please excuse my many spelling mistakes in the interview, the keyboard of my laptop is broken and i can’t use capital letters nor question or exclamation marks, haha…sorry’, writes Alice Eikelpoth when sending her questionnaire back.

Designtour „Behind the Scene“

Bereits 2015 haben wir Marion Strehlow in ihrem Atelier besucht und durften hinter die Kulissen der Arbeiten der Modedesignerin schauen. (Zum Artikel…) Marion erzählte uns damals, wie sie Modedesignerin geworden ist und stellte uns ihre neue Kollektion vor. Nun startet Mitte Mai 18 ihr Projekt „Behind the Scene“, eine Stadtführung, die genau solche Impressionen auch anderen Designinteressierten und Touristen bieten will.

The Sooner Now

Mit neuen Technologien und der steigenden Mobilität von Menschen ändern sich auch Arbeits- und Lebenswelten. Lokale und globale Identitäten verschmelzen mehr und mehr miteinander, insbesondere der Kreativbereich ist damit vertraut. Welche Bedeutung hat ein konkreter Standort dennoch für kreative Arbeit? Und wie erweitert eine kosmopolitische Sichtweise den Horizont? Am 28. September laden Freunde von Freunden und MINI zur The Sooner Now in Düsseldorf ein.


In December of 2016, the writer Christine Weissenborn together with her sister-in-law, the illustrator Sarah Neuendorf, published the delightful children’s book ‚Greta’s sister‘. Exclusively for THE DORF THE MAG the two of them have placed Greta, the whale and Anuk, the island girl in Düsseldorf and tell the story of why Greta is swimming in the Rhine. And what carnival has to do with the South Sea.

Gil Bronner

“My own unpunctuality is my rebellion against my father’s punctuality”, says Gil Bronner when he walks through the door of his Philara Collection only slightly late. The former glass factory Lennartz that the property developer bought and rebuilt extensively over the course of two years lies in a shabby backyard off Birkenstraße.


For our photographer Sabrina Weniger, tiny Wallstraße
in the heart of the old town perfectly reflects the native and true Düsseldorf: a bit rough and eccentric, a bit chic and elegant, a bit old and dirty and most of all: with its heart in the right place. Even though it’s located directly in the city centre, it is easily overlooked.